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Commissioner Gordon Williams

Label Partner / Head of Music & Distro

Gordon "Commissioner” Williams is a music recorder, engineer, and mixer. Dubbed the "Commissioner" by rapper KRS-One, his resume includes multiple Grammy Awards and numerous Gold and Platinum albums. His music credits include projects with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Lauryn Hill, Stephen and Damien Marley, Amy Winehouse, Carlos Santana, Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, and Quincy Jones. In 1998, Williams further extended his creative reach and became Senior Director of A&R at Sony Music Entertainment. During this time, he worked on Lauryn Hill’s solo debut smash, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and Will Smith’s blockbuster movie and soundtrack Men in Black. His label duties involved looking after the likes of Alicia Keys, Wyclef Jean, and 50 Cent. 


Gordon was recently appointed as a GoodWill Ambassador to his Mother's home country of St Lucia to help bring unique opportunities and new ways of building commerce to his Caribbean roots through music, technology, and education.

Watch one of his videos here

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