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Here you will find:

  1. What is cyber security? Why care

  2. Cyber tips: What organizational needs to be aware of

  3. The type of organizations we work with 

  4. The 1600 NCSC: Your cyber friend

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1. What is cyber security?

Cyber Security also known as information security is the practice of protecting computers, servers, networks and data from malicious or digital attacks.

We need this more than ever because of the massive digital transformation that has taken place, especially since Covid-19 shut the world down. The internet kept us connected and progressing. 


Why should I care?

Technology surrounds us. The day to day tasks of almost every business is in one way or another, connected to technology. Regardless of how big or small your business is, the mere fact of having some data on a computer network makes the need for cyber security and awareness dire. 

Once hackers have access to one device or network, they can effortlessly gain access to your whole company network (Wi-Fi). Now cyber criminals are able to gather information (live video, audio, and even payment details). 

Tech was made for good, but is not always used that way. We are reshaping people's relationships with technology, and helping you be more cyber resilient. 


Learn to protect and respond to one of the biggest threats to organisations nowadays: Ransomware

1600 NCSC for Community Services

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As the first line of defense, staying up to date on how to protect your life online is a MUST nowadays, and will be even more crucial in the future.


Technology is not going anywhere. It is up to each and every organization to take the steps needed to provide safe and secure services to people.  Once lost, trust is not easily regained.


Watch and learn! Some topics to increase your awareness:

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Michael Council

Improving CISO Communications with the Board of Directors

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Start your journey towards being more tech and cyber-savvy!

Michael Council

COVID-19...A latest reason to go Phishing!

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Frank Satterwhite

A Sincere Message to Business Leaders Committed to Increase Diversity in Technology

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We investigate what current threats pose the greatest risk to your organisation and provide tips on how to protect against them

Threat Intelligence

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Almost 90% of cyber attacks are caused by human error or behavior. This can be prevented by providing the right training to your employees and volunteers.

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Cyber Training

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Incident Management, Response & Recovery

The 1600 elite technical team will create a plan for your organisation to prepare, identify, contain, eradicate and recover from cyber attacks.

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Password Manager

Weak passwords can be exploited by hackers so, in order to be protected, a password manager that creates, remembers and fills passwords in, is a great solution to increase protection.

3. The types of business we work with

We acknowledge that there are different types of businesses and each business may have different needs and may be running on different scales. As a result of this fact, we at 1600 NCSC are dedicated to servicing businesses such as:

  • Small and Medium-Sized enterprises (SMEs): These types of businesses normally have fewer employees and run on a relatively lower scale. The types of services needed for such an establishment will vary in terms of the scalability and scope.

  • Large Scale or Corporate enterprises: These types of businesses have many more employees and huge transactions making the opportunity for attacks more probable. The type of services rendered may be long term.

Regardless of the size of the business, be it small, medium or large, we care about your security and will do anything we professionally can, to protect it.


4. Work with 1600 NCSC: Your cyber friend

We protect families, communities and businesses online, and we slowly reshape their relationships with technology. Tech was made for good, but is not always used that way. Let basic knowledge on cybersecurity and privacy become a part of your daily hygiene.

  • Passwords

  • Securing your credit card details

  • Protecting your identity online (and your kids')

  • Avoiding clicking on hacker-sent emails (phishing), text messages (smishing) or responding to voice calls (vishing)


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How to secure your home, your car, your phone or your family's devices?

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