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David "Diamond" Medina

VP of Music Production

Multi-talented Music Producer, Songwriter and Entrepreneur born and raised in
Spanish Harlem in the mid 1980’s. Also Internationally known as DJ Sound Wavve in
the EDM Community, Diamond is a bright hard-working young man who came from
nothing and appreciates everything. In 2004 Rufus Blaq & Prince Charles Alexander
saw something special in Diamond. They ushered him into the mainstream music
industry where he started Ghost production for Angie Stone. He then became an
intern for Quad Studios and then for Def Jam, where he was hired on as part of the
A&R research team. Diamond worked directly under Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles, Randy
Acker, and Lauren Wurtzer. He also learned the art of street promotions at Roc-A-Fella
Records from none other than “Big Face” Gary and Damon Dash.

Since Diamond´s production talents span into all different world music genres
including (Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, EDM and Latin), he has always focused on new
opportunities and the next move. He took his business to a new level by owning and
operating his own studio inside the film center in NYC. Soon after he got signed to
Larry Live (Live House/Mosely Music Group) Timberland´s label (during the Nelly
Furtado and Justin Timberlake era). Diamond was doing so well that he ventured
to open 2nd studio in NYC, and partnered with Mike Rooney (Cory Rooney’s Nephew)
& Juro “Mez” Davis. This is when he began to work with J.Cole, before he was signed.

Diamond and his partner Mike were instrumental in getting J.Cole signed to Roc
Nation followed by distribution through Interscope when DreamVille was formed.
Today, he continues to be part of a close knit team that runs Dreamville. Diamond also
holds a position with Bionic Yarn owned and operated by Pharrel Williams. As he has
proven, Diamond has the drive and a unique set of multifaceted expertise that some
only dream of!

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