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Cyber Security & Training
For All Companies

Whether you're a large organization looking
to transform and upskill your existing
IT Staff, or you're a small business looking
to train your employees in cyber security
on a budget, we have solutions
for you.

of companies with less than 50 people have yet to invest in cyber security needs. 
of companies that become victims of cyber attacks go out of business within
six months.
is the average cost of to repair and recover after a data breach for big businesses.
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"1600 Avenue came in and completely revamped our cyber security practices. From putting protections in place to implementing best practices and providing training for our employees, they went above and beyond. I'm happy to say my company is now cyber ready!"

- Jason,

mid-sized business owner

Become Cyber Strong
On A Budget

Our mission is to partner with your organization and help you move from having a target on your back and being a potential casualty to truly being cyber ready in less than a few months. And we help you do it on a budget.

We can help you transform your existing IT team into a cyber aware workforce and create staff that is ready to be the
first line of defense for your company. 

Take The First Step Today

Tier 1
Free Cybersecurity Resource

Access to a presentation teaching the best practices of how to keep you, your company, and your employees safe and secure on social media. 

This will cover everything from keeping your information safe, to securing your privacy and more.
Tier 2
2 Hour Cyber Awareness Training for up to 250 Staff Members.

- How to handle ransomware
- How to respond to incidents
- A step-by-step plan of what to do if your organization gets attacked.

Trainings are customized to help you best understand where your organization is most vulnerable and how to protect it.
Tier 3
3 Hour Cyber
Awareness Training

- How to handle ransomware, data breaches, and incidents.

- Design a response process customized to your organization's requirements.
- Your choice of certification training for up to to 10 staff members. (Certifications options include CISSP, CISM, CISK, Block Chain, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, IoT.


Need More Cyber
Security Assistance?

 At 1600 Avenue, we strive to protect communities and individuals by providing elite, technical cyber services. We also and giving communities the training and tech tools to be digitally free and protected. At 1600 Avenue, we care about your and your well-being online.

About Us

Our National Privacy and Cyber Security Center (NPCC) gives you access to courses that will expand your knowledge of cyber security, give you access to cyber professionals whenever you need it, and more. For more information, click here.

Additional Services

Coming Soon:
NPCC we'll provide a way to back up your social accounts
so that you never lose you data again. 

NPCC's Other Offerings:

Cyber Awareness Training 

Vulnerabilities Assessment (Ransomware-focus)


Communications Plan (for cyber incidents)

Threat Intelligence (latest Ransomware threats)

Cyber Consultants
(your cyber friends)

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