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Your Secret Weapon for Digital Privacy & Online Security

We are committed to creating a Global Privacy Community of More Empowered People

"With music and education, I am going to make sure everyone understands the problem, then I am going to give them the tech to do something about." Frank Satterwhite, Founder of 1600 Avenue

1600 Avenue is a group of progressive tech nerds, entertainment industry leaders, nonprofit activists and organizers, who are on a mission to create a community of digitally empowered people. By becoming a member of the PRIV Community, you gain access to digital privacy and online cybersecurity news, as it relates to justice and digital freedomPriv The Community: Creating a Global Privacy Community of More Empowered People. Read on and decide how you want to get involved (the first step: subscribe to our free monthly newsletter). 

PRIV Patreon (For those who need more)
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The Priv Patreon Community is our vision of how to achieve online freedom and digital justice for all communities, especially underrepresented ones. We are standing on the threshold between the old analog world and the dawn of the entirely digital age. Our goal is to reshape people's relationship with technology in a way that centers humanity, dignity, and justice for all.  


So, what do we do? 


Within our Priv Patreon Community we have designed cumulative steps, and use different tools to get our goals aligned. The three ways we do this are: 


  • Awareness: We start with awareness and connecting to the community through music & merch

  • Education: We then offer those who join us the cyber education, and awareness resources of data privacy and security attacks

  • Tech Tools: Lastly, we offer the tech solutions to empower and actively protect people

We have created The Privacy Survival Kit: We create technical solutions, and we raise awareness though music and education. Our designs protect your digital lives and they protect your actual privacy against Big Tech. We use influential entertainment and tech industry relationships to teach people.


Not technical? Not an engineer? Can’t afford to hire a data privacy and cyber expert? Our programs are made for you. It is by using a combination of tech, music, culture, and community discussion that our memberships empower you to prevent, or respond to hackers attacking you, your family, or your organization. In simplest terms, we teach you how to not become a product (of Big Data).  We will provide tips and resources you need to not only stay safe online, but also protect your privacy, which you need in order to be considered digitally free. If you want to clean your teeth, use toothpaste, if you want to protect your phone, use us. Security and Privacy Hygiene Guidelines should be thought of like toothpaste. For 2021, we  are using music and the arts to amplify two messages:


1. Social Justice Requires Digital Justice 

2. Big Tech's gone too far.


Who are we? Your Secret Weapons! We are arts based, Digital Privacy, and Online Security Creators.  What does joining PRIV The Community make you a part of? A group of more digitally empowered people. Learn more about why this matters by reading on!


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1. PRIV TV - The latest on how to protect yours.


Just like you watch trusted new channels for daily world news, you also have to have a source that provides you with:


  1. Reliable Cyber news about your digital privacy, and online security

  2. Provocative online safety issues, music, culture and social justice current events

 We currently offer two channels: 


  • PCNN: Privacy Cyber News Network - PCNN gives viewers a weekly dose of the most current, most impactful news on cyber attacks, privacy attacks/ risks, and how to prevent or protect yourself against them. We tell you what is happening and how to stay ahead of the bad guys. 

  • Community: A Conversation - This channel is where thought leaders from all industries meet for complex conversations in a powerful space. This is where music, community, tech and social justice intersect. This is a place for communities to share and challenge the digital status quo. 

2. (1600) Music Why the heavy focus on music? Because we believe music brings people together.

Music is the language of the soul. It is sacred, just like your privacy and security. 

Privacy and security violations are not culturally specific. They don’t really care about culture. We ALL have the same set of human rights that are at risk. Just like these privacy and security threats span different cultures, music spans across different cultures and provides a common ground.


Knowing this, we want to bring communities together. So, not only do we raise overall awareness, but then use it to create a community of people who are global and working together for the same mission.

We want communities globally working together to share news about privacy, and security resources. The best way to thrive in the digital age is by all these communities working together to ensure we are aware, knowledgeable, working together and all recognize the dangers around privacy. We are building a team of people who realize we are at a crossroads when it comes to data privacy, security and basic human rights. 

PRIV ​Virtual Concerts are the quickest and most fun way that we raise awareness, and share who we really are. These virtual entertainment events are what we use to spread the word. We have a rotating series of like-minded, global artists that rock our digital stage. We often offer free memberships to our Patreon as part of our giveaways program. With this Patreon membership, you are on your way to unlocking benefits, that in combination will undoubtedly help you protect your digital life online.

Merchandise is another tool we use for awareness, integrating various themes that are our relevant privacy tech messages, in street wearable, styles. ​


Group Sessions and 1:1 Sessions - These are led by a team of cyber security, data privacy, mental health and educational experts. These are important because sometimes we have concerns, or a problem that poses a greater risk, and we lack the background to handle it on our own.


These experts can take a closer look at privacy and security threats, whether your child has a healthy internet life and more. Unlocking this Patreon benefit provides on-demand expert access to data privacy and cyber security or socioemotional educational experts to support you for very little. You come to us for your quick Digital Check Up!

Security Awareness Training starts with the acknowledgement that for community organizations, their employees and members are the weakest cybersecurity link. Our job is to make these same individuals the first line of defense against cyber attacks. 

We teach what directly impacts your life and the digital lives of those who trust you. First, we dissect current threat intelligence, summing up the most socially relevant and recent cyber criminal activity. Next, we create and deliver trainings, for non techies, which provide each person with a fundamental understanding of the cyber threats (imminent and ongoing). Finally, and most importantly we arm everyday citizens with the specific steps, and cyber tools that they can use to prevent, stop, or minimize the damage of an unexpected attack.

The life you lead online, the information you share or store digitally is valuable, not just for you, but to all what (or who) matters to you (family, children, work, education and more).


Our workshops are tailored to your audience. We leave you with lesson plans, checklists, guides and more!

Ask how to get one tailored to your community, school, non profit or business.


The only mobile security and data privacy app on the market that also has a community policing feature.

PRIV The App is our most recently launched, “for the community” tech tool (mobile app). This app allows you to secure your phone and protect your privacy. Having a phone that you are in control of, that is not a risk to the privacy or security of you and your family is a big part of what it means when we say PRIV’s vision is to empower people. We offer countless downloads to people, community programs and global minded initiatives. 

PRIV Tech Drive - For 2021, we have launched an initiative between 1600 Avenue and Gordon The Commissioner Williams coined The Tablet Drive is. This accessibility campaign will focus on providing tablets for under privileged children in St. Lucia. These tablets will be equipped with 1600 Cyber security tools to keep the children’s digital privacy secure.

PRIV The HOME Solution - This home solution works in tandem, with the apps we have designed. PRIV HOME gives you a digital gate to put around your house. We give you this gatekeeper, who essentially monitors what comes in and out of your home digitally. PRIV HOME is free with specific tiers, greatly discounted with others and offered to free to eligible nonprofit or community organizations. We are honored to be empowering people and communities.  

                    is putting these phones in check!  


Do you want to download the app? Join our PRIV The Community pageWant to know more about PRIV’s power and how it will protect you life?

Sign up!

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Our events will always be updated here, and our social media channels. Please follow us here, there, anywhere and help us spread the word! We are doing the work, but we can't do it, without YOU! 


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