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  1. Why cyber security is a must have for any job, especially IT professionals

  2. Your home for industry leading cyber security certifications

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1. Why cyber security is a must have for any job, especially IT professionals

An organization's staff is the first line of defense when it comes to cyber threats and attack prevention. This means all team members, but especially the tech folks. 


It is known that cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to find vulnerabilities and attack. In order to defend against these new forms of attack, cyber professionals need to constantly update their knowledge to make sure they can deliver the best protections.

At the 1600 Community, we share cyber educational tips every week, we provide access to Threat Intelligence reports, and offer discounted services as part of our mission to deliver affordable cyber security for everyone.

Learn to protect and respond to one of the biggest threats to organisations nowadays: Ransomware

1600 Community 

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Staying up to date on how to protect your life online is a MUST nowadays, and will be even more crucial in the future. You con never be too protected or have too many credentials. As an IT professional, view cyber security as a requirement.

Start your journey towards being more tech and cyber-savvy!

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COVID-19...A latest reason to go Phishing!

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More info on Cyber Training

Watch and learn! Find out what training is best for you.

Frank Satterwhite

A Sincere Message to Business Leaders Committed to Increase Diversity in Technology

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Are you ready to upskill? Join our 1600 Cyber upcoming classes and become the cyber expert society and businesses need!

Cyber Training

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We investigate what current threats pose the greatest risk to your organisation and provide tips on how to protect against them.

Threat Intelligence

The 1600 NCSC

3. Engage with the 1600 Community

Are you passionate about protecting communities, charities and non-profits? Do you have a background in cyber security? We want to hear from you! We are always searching for like-minded and awesome people to support, work, partner, or even just to connect!


Together we make cyber security more accessible and understandable. If you need guidance or any type of support,

we are also here for you!

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