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"Your Secret Weapon for Digital Privacy & Online Security"
But, we can't do it without you. Please make a donation today

What do we do? Priv's Empowering People to Protect Their Privacy & Secure Their Lives Online

We create technical solutions that protect your lives online and protect your privacy against Big Tech. We believe the best way to spread the word about the current misuse of tech is through the power of music. We use strong entertainment industry ties to teach through the music we create.

For 2021, we are using music and the arts to amplify two messages: Without Digital Justice there can not be Social Justice and Big Tech has gone too far.

Why do we need donations? So that we can expand our programs and reach.


Our program has been received really well by the communities we are currently in. The 2021 goal is to reach further in, and empower more people, especially those from underfunded areas. Our movement is bringing more and more discussions and solutions to the table about Digital Privacy, and Security topics. Some of the most popular include:

❖ Cyberbullying

❖"Alternative Facts"
❖ Identity Theft Protection
❖ Solutions on proper, healthy use of social media

❖ How to identify and respond to online predators and stay safe

We are digital privacy and security creators.

Your donations will improve, develop & help distribute:  

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Music Albums

We use this music to raise awareness and educate on privacy and online security

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Educational Content

Educational videos, animated infographics, blogs, etc.

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Mobile Apps

Like our newly released Priv The App, FREE for communities

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Consultations with Experts

Expert guidance on how to detect, prevent and stop attacks

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Checklists, Guides

Privacy checklists and guides, among other downloadable resources

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Online events

We run webinars, online classes among other online events. We are just getting started.

Make a one-off donation

Click on the "Donate" button and choose how much you would like to contribute.

Help us spread the word of privacy & security


Please share our work with 5 of your friends. Ask them to join us here! Straight from the heart, we don't have a dedicated PR team & need our community to help explain the benefits of using our apps & educational materials.

Join our PRIV Community on Patreon

and unlock exclusive benefits:

  • Constant updates on privacy and security

  • Educational content on online addiction, healthy digital content, etc.

  • Access to exclusive music, concerts, events and videos

  • Direct connection to a privacy and cyber security thought leader

  • Download of privacy and security mobile apps

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Did you know that what you give could be worth millions to a school or family under a cyber attack? 


Please donate, so we can increase our impact. 1600 Avenue is an independent nonprofit charity and tax-exempt under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. For questions or interest in partnerships, please email us!


The 3 ways that you can give right now are

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