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Did your social media account
get hacked?

You're not alone. Fifteen percent
of social media users experience
login issues and 14% deal with
unauthorized activity on their

social media accounts during
their lifetime, but we
can help.

of all social media accounts can expect
to be compromised.
Facebook accounts
are hacked daily.
of hacked users experience additional personal data loss.
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We can get your account back.


Leave your contact details below and we will reach out
to you as soon as possible.

To date, we've helped over 10,000 users gain control of their accounts after being hack. We do so in less than half the time it takes for platforms like Facebook and Instagram to respond to your report of
a compromised account, and
we provide best practices
to ensure this will not happen
to you again.

"I can't be more thankful for 1600 Avenue. It's so tough to know who to trust once your accounts have been hacked. So many people tell you they can help you, but I found myself wondering if they were scammers too. Fortunately, I found 1600 Avenue and they were able to get my accounts back in no time. It was simple easy, and I'm happy I have all of my data back."

- Krista

We can help you with all your
cyber security needs.

 At 1600 Avenue, we strive to protect communities and individuals by providing elite, technical cyber services. We also and giving communities the training and tech tools to be digitally free and protected. At 1600 Avenue, we care about your and your well-being online.

About Us

Our National Privacy and Cyber Security Center (NPCC) gives you access to courses that will expand your knowledge of cyber security, give you access to cyber professionals whenever you need it, and more. For more information, click here.

Additional Services

Recovering your hacked social media account is just
10% of NPCC's capabilities. We offer

Cyber Awareness Training 

Vulnerabilities Assessment (Ransomware-focus)


Communications Plan (for cyber incidents)

Threat Intelligence (latest Ransomware threats)

Cyber Consultants
(your cyber friends)

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