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Cyber security resources to protect you, your family, and the tech you use each day.

  1. Why we care about you, and cyber security?

  2. Cyber Tips - Things you need to be aware of

  3. Work with1600 Community: Your cyber friend

What is Cyber Security
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1. Why we care about you and cyber security?

Cyber Security also known as information security is the practice of protecting computers, servers, networks and data from malicious or digital attacks.

We need this more than ever because of the massive digital transformation that has taken place, especially since Covid-19 shut the world down. The internet kept us connected and progressing. 


Why should I care?

Technology surrounds us. Objects that have always been part of our daily lives are now connected to the internet, making each one of us "hackable". This, from a washing machine, and your home's thermostat, to your printer's ink, and your child's toys.

Once hackers have access to one device, they can effortlessly gain access to your whole home network (Wi-Fi). Now cyber criminals are able to gather information (live video, audio, and even payment details). 

Tech was made for good, but is not always used that way. We are reshaping people's relationships with technology, and helping you be more cyber resilient.



Discover one of the highest threats targeting organisations and individuals globally

1600  Community 

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Cyber Classes

Do you want to be cyber aware? Do you want to protect your life and your family's online?

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Cyber Tips
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Staying up to date on how to protect your life online is a MUST nowadays, and will be even more crucial in the future. Technology is not going anywhere. 

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Read on and start your journey towards being more tech and cyber-savvy!

Do you keep reusing the same passwords?

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Password Manager

Cyber Aware

Watch and learn! Some topics to increase your awareness:

Recent blogs: 

What is Phishing

Risks on your Smart Home

Protect your Privacy online

Priv The App:Protect your mobile phone

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What is the Matter Between Social Life and Data Privacy?

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Chen-Ta Sung

Social media and smartphone use are now comprehensively ingrained into our daily lives. However, the data that we unconsciously share has made us become effectively free labour.

3. Work with 1600 Community - ISAO: Your cyber friend

We protect families, individuals and educators online, and we slowly reshape their relationships with technology. Tech was made for good, but is not always used that way. Let basic knowledge on cybersecurity and privacy become a part of your daily hygiene.

  • Passwords

  • Securing your credit card details

  • Protecting your identity online (and your kids')

  • Avoiding clicking on hacker-sent emails (phishing), text messages (smishing) or responding to voice calls (vishing)

The 1600 NCSC

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How to secure your home, your car, your phone or your family's devices?

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