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1600 National Privacy and Cyber Security Centre, For Community

We are the place American communities go to for cyber security stuff

Why we created the 1600 NPCC: Non-profits have always been a target for cyber criminals, but since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, education and work have fully transitioned to the digital space. 2021 data states that online learning and remote work have dramatically increased the number of cyber attacks. This is because most people have little to no cyber or online privacy education. This knowledge gap matters (the bigger the gap, the more the attacks) 

Cyber security can no longer be viewed a luxury that only some can afford. The 1600 NPCC provides cyber excellence, the most up-to-date technical support and education to its members at an affordable rate. We are here for the community.

Information & Services:

1600 NPCC information and services are tailored to your needs. Find the category below that suits you best and click for more info!

Keep Scrolling & Learn what 1600 NPCC offers: 

Meetings with Cyber Experts

One of the most promising ways to learn and up your skills is to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Join our weekly cyber group sessions and bring your questions! 

Discounts on Cyber Services

The more cyber you learn, the more you learn you need cyber! We offer a multitude of cyber services for those who want to step up their online security need. 

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Need Urgent Support?

Not ready to be a member yet, but need urgent support dealing with potential cyber threats?

Take the first step and sign up for 1600 Threat Intelligence Service. Prepare your organization against ransomware. Book today for a 2 hour tailored cyber awareness session for just 250 GBP! 

Care about your Privacy?

Or just want to expand your digital privacy knowledge? We've got you!


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