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Social Justice Requires Digital Justice

90% of ransomware attacks can be prevented.

Make sure your staff is cyber ready and book a training today!

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Empowering People to Protect Their Privacy & Secure Their Lives Online

We are "Your Secret Weapon" for Digital Privacy & Online Security. 1600 Avenue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN 30-0160254) committed to serving the public interest by promoting diversity in tech, and teaching people how to stay safe online. Our organization’s programs are known internationally, but our operations are proudly rooted in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. We are dedicated to making vulnerable communities stronger and safer online.  What do we do? 1600 Avenue:

1. Advocates for diversity & inclusion in S.T.E.M. 

2. Raises awareness, and reconnects community through music

3. Develops education that increase data privacy practices, online security and general cyber literacy, especially for community driven programs

4. Uses innovative technology, like apps, to further power people to protect their rights, privacy and freedoms online

5. Provides these resources to communities who are most vulnerable to cyber attacks, especially during times of crises (like a pandemic)



Our service to the public: use technology for good & put that power back into the hands of the people.

But, we cannot do it with you. Please help us spread the word, and also find out how to partner with us!

PRIV Community - 2021 Cyber Workshops

Empowering Learning

Our communities are at risk online.  We are here to help.

Security Awareness Training starts with the acknowledgement that for community organizations, their employees and members are the weakest cybersecurity link. Our job is to make these same individuals the first line of defense against cyber attacks. Why? because these community programs HELP so many people. 

We teach what directly impacts your life and the digital lives of those who trust you. First, we dissect current threat intelligence, summing up the most socially relevant and recent cyber criminal activity. Next, we create and deliver trainings, for non techies, which provide each person with a fundamental understanding of the cyber threats (imminent and ongoing). Finally, and most importantly we arm everyday citizens with the specific steps, and cyber tools that they can use to prevent, stop, or minimize the damage of an unexpected attack.

The life you lead online, the information you share or store digitally is valuable, not just for you, but to all what (or who) matters to you (family, children, work, education and more). Our workshops are tailored to your audience. We leave you with lesson plans, checklists, guides and more!

Our goal: When an attacks happens, our communities will be ready


Contact us to learn more about our workshops


Social Justices Requires Digital Justice. We Use Music & Technology to Empower Our Communities 


Hip Hop Leaders Programme

Enabling young people from underrepresented groups to get interested in the world of STEM


Helping non-profits, communities, and individuals be prepared, and respond to cyber-attacks and privacy violations with technical excellence

The PRIV Community

of Privacy Evangelists

Putting the Power of Tech back in the hands of the People! Click more and Learn about our app!

Our Cyber Technical Arm

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1600 Avenue

355 S. Grand Ave #2450, Los Angeles, CA 90071, USA

Phone number: +1 13235279963

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